My name is Becky and I’m married to my high school sweetheart (who also happens to be my handyman helper and best friend). He doesn’t grumble too much when I need help with something, and in exchange, I stay out of his garage (unless I am stealing taking borrowing some of his tools). I am the mother of 5 grown kids (4 boys and 1 girl) and grandmother of 12. I’m a vintage-loving, beekeeping, garden planting, don’t waste anything, crafting and sewing girl from Ohio. After years of plotting, planning, obsessing and second-guessing, I have decided it is finally my time to nurture the artistic soul that lives within me. Not that I haven’t had to be creative throughout the years for my family—did I say 5 kids??…come on…clothing repairs, school projects, Halloween costumes, remodeling, showers, weddings, nurseries, gardening…and I seriously wouldn’t trade a minute of it…well…except maybe for the time all 5 were sick with the stomach flu at the same time…or maybe the time one of them sucked a circle of wallpaper off by the front door with a toilet plunger…but, I digress…They say necessity is the mother of invention, and boy, did I have to be inventive while they were growing up!

I’m still in love with our second home, a 100-year-old, 2-story farmhouse with a barn, grain shed and chicken coop. We spent 23+ years there raising our wonderful big family and bringing it back to its original glory (we lovingly referred to it as the Money Pit!). We had a tire swing, a tree house, a swimming pool, a big wrap around front porch and lots of land where the kids could run and explore. This also meant we had every other kid in the neighborhood at our house (I nursed scraped knees and made lightning bug houses out of plastic peanut butter jars en masse!).

I was also blessed to be able to work in a family business, Taylorized Decorating, with my father for 15+ years. We painted and wallpapered our way throughout our city (giving lots of decorating tips along the way). The beauty of living where you work is that even now I run into people who say “I think you and your dad did some work for us.” One of my class reunion questionnaires asked for my occupation and I said I was a “painter”…hoping they would think I was an artist, which I thought, at the time, sounded a lot more glamorous!

I still spend my nights dreaming of long, winding back roads, another big old farmhouse with some land and living a life totally unscheduled. Instead, I find myself living in a brick ranch in the city (and more remodeling!).

I’ll admit I am a victim of compulsive creativity. I see potential projects everywhere…I am drawn to every pile of rusty junk, weathered wood, or fabric…I just know I’m probably only one more tetanus shot away from a masterpiece and I get really cranky when I can’t find time to make something. Not everything turns out as I planned, but then I get to be even more creative salvaging a project gone wrong into something useable.

Nowadays I find people asking me if I can make or fix this or that, so I decided that maybe that is my calling. For 40 years I have decorated on a shoestring and then mimicked the items that I liked that were out of my price range. It makes me cringe to think about all of the family heirlooms and treasures that have probably ended up in the acres and acres of landfills everywhere when they could have been repurposed! Lots of people I talk to say they just don’t “see” the possibilities when they look at something. I plan on being your new eyeglasses!

So come along for the ride. I will chronicle this crazy thing I call my life and all that entails. You will find a little bit of everything here…Goodwill makeovers, budget decorating, gardening tips, furniture painting, sewing, and a lot of “think outside the box” ideas…even a DIY saga or two as we continue renovating our 1960’s mid-century brick ranch (that hadn’t been touched in 40 years) into our empty-nester home. We’ve already changed out the pink Frigidaire appliances in the kitchen!

Now, come on…check it out…you know that you want to!